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Star Wars 1313 coming to PS3 in 2013, says PlayStation Germany [Update: Nope!]


A PlayStation Germany post on Facebook says Star Wars 1313 is coming to PS3. The post, which links to a gallery of previously released images, reads "Star Wars 1313 erscheint 2013 für PlayStation 3," and you don't need a degree in German to know that says the third-person action game is headed for Sony's home console sometime this year.

Developer/publisher LucasArts has kept coy about the platforms, and that, along with the fidelity of what was demonstrated at last year's E3, led to speculation that 1313 would be for next-gen hardware. Of course, confirmation of it coming to PS3 doesn't exclude it from also being released on the console's successor, or any other systems for that matter.

Update: LucasArts has confirmed to Polygon that the information presented on PlayStation Germany's Facebook page was inaccurate, and that it has no further announcements to make at this time. Well then.

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