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Temple Run 2 out now on iOS, Android targeted for next week


You can slide, jump, and cart your way through Temple Run 2 from today, as the game is now available on the App Store for free. As for Android, developer Imangi Studios told Polygon it's aiming to bring the sequel there sometime next week.

Unsurprisingly, Temple Run 2 doesn't reinvent the wheel that spun the original to over 170 million downloads. There is a noticeable bump in visual quality, minus the occasional pop-up which thankfully doesn't incur slowdown. In addition to expected increases in obstacles, power-ups, achievements and so on, there are also mine cart and zip line sequences to mix up all that endless running a smidge.

Also out today is Final Fantasy All The Bravest, Square Enix's frenzied iOS take on Active Time Battle. It's available on the App Store, priced at $3.99.

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