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Japanese retail survey shows Nexus 7 edging out iPad in December

The iPad lost some of its market share to Google's 7-inch tablet in Japan last month, according to a survey of retailers. Among the 2,400 businesses surveyed by BCN Ranking, the Nexus 7 captured 44.4 percent of tablet sales as opposed to the iPad's 40.1 percent. Apple's tablet had accounted for the majority of device sales at the surveyed retailers in previous months.

As part of its survey, BCN asked retailers for the most common feedback from customers regarding their choice of tablet. A majority of responses indicated that the Nexus 7's lower price point was the overriding factor in choosing the tablet over Apple's.

As noted by Digital Trends, the iPad mini was in extremely short supply during the period the survey was conducted, so it's entirely possible that if Apple's own 7-inch offering had been widely available that we'd be seeing the market share tipped in Cupertino's favor. It should be interesting to see how things change when January's survey results are in.

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