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PSA: NHL GameCenter app arrives on Xbox 360

Xav de Matos, @Xav

The faint sound you hear from your monitor isn't the cancerous hum of its inner workings, it's the sweet sob of hockey fans finally donning their best sweaters in preparation of the lockout-shorted NHL season.

Tomorrow, henceforth known as "irrefutable proof of the existence of generous and mysterious beings beyond our mortal comprehension," hockey returns and the subscription-based NHL GameCenter app is now available for Xbox 360 users to download.

Already available on PlayStation 3 and mobile devices, NHL GameCenter allows subscribers to watch up to forty out-of-market games per week. The Xbox 360 app, announced during E3 2012, features the standard bells and whistles of all Xbox apps: namely the ability to control via gesticulating and shouting at your console (specifically with the Kinect peripheral connected).

NHL GameCenter is available for $49.99 for the shortened 2012/2013 season. Xbox 360 users must also have an Xbox Live 'Gold' subscription to access the content. Yeah, that's still a thing they do.

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