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Tim Cook ordered to undergo questioning in anti-poaching case


Even though he wasn't CEO at the time, Apple's Tim Cook will be questioned about the company's hiring practices as part of a anti-poaching lawsuit, says a Reuters report. Apple, along with several other tech heavyweights, is embroiled in a civil lawsuit that accuses the company of illegally instituting anti-poaching hiring policies.

According to the suit, executives at major companies like Apple, Google, Pixar and others agreed to not poach each other's employees. As part of the agreement, employees would be hired collectively and individual negotiations would not be allowed.

Though Cook was not CEO at the time, Judge Lucy Koh said Cook should still be questioned. "I find it hard to believe a COO would have no say over salary and compensation for all employees," Koh said.

Google's Eric Schmidt will also be questioned and other executives are slated to participate in upcoming depositions. The civil suit was filed by several ex-employees and follows a DOJ investigation into these hiring practices. Apple, Google and others eventually settled with the DOJ and agreed to stop instituting no solicitation policies.

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