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Super Hexagon out on Android, temporarily $1

Jordan Mallory

Terry Cavanagh's concentric chiptune masterpiece Super Hexagon is now available on most Android devices running Froyo or newer, provided said device has access to Google Play and runs hardware on par with (or better than) an iPhone 3GS.

Sadly, the port's issues with the Nexus 7 have yet to be resolved, and therefore the game won't run on Google's flagship tablet. "We're going keep an eye on the situation with the Nexus 7," Cavanagh said on his official blog. "If it ever improves, you can be sure we'll make it available on that device too."

To celebrate its release, the game is on sale for $0.99, though how long this promotional pricing will last remains a mystery. Seeing as Super Hexagon was our fifth favorite game of 2012, you should probably jump on that offer while it stands.

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