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Dev Juice: Tokens 1.1 released, TUAW-exclusive promo


Tokens is a brilliant little app that enables devs to track promo codes they submit to websites for review. We looked at the app a few months ago and fell in love with its features.

Now, the developers are celebrating their 1.1 release with a sale that starts tomorrow morning. The TUAW-exclusive tracking code found here will offer the app to the first 50 customers at just US$9 each, $20 off the normal price.

This TUAW-only offer is in addition to the 50 sale licenses they're offering to the general population.

The new version of Tokens offers the following enhancements, among others:

  • Manual import of promo codes generated outside of Tokens, so you don't lose track of items you generated yourself.
  • A new "+" button for adding tokens. (Previously, there was a grid of "available" tokens, which I found confusing.)
  • A share button that appears over each token when you hover your cursor.
  • A new "copy" menu item, letting you copy token details without having to hunt around for the functionality -- a feature that initially confused the heck out of me, and that's better implemented in this version.

Developer Oisin Prendiville tells me there are plenty of further features in the pipeline for 1.2 and beyond. As this update shows, he and his team are actively listening to their user base.

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