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GCW-Zero open-source handheld needs a Kickstart


Enter the GCW-Zero, just in case you weren't already having enough trouble keeping track of startup consoles. The little handheld is a Linux-based, open-source device offering the capability to run classic PC games, emulated consoles and homebrew games. Specifically, the developer promises enough horsepower to emulate older consoles like the NES, all the way to the original PlayStation, with the video above showing off PC games like Quake and Descent running very well.

Of course, it wouldn't be an upstart console without the accompanying Kickstarter campaign. The developer is seeking $130,000 to fund the manufacture of the GCW-Zero, with a pledge of $135 or more guaranteeing backers one of the first units produced. As of this writing, the project has just under $17,000 to go with 7 days left.

[Thanks, Neal!]

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