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AMD hires Apple, Qualcomm chip experts


Chipmakers hiring key employees from competitors is like the changing of the seasons -- inevitable. Today's news, courtesy of our sister site Engadget, is that AMD has hired a pair of senior engineers to help it "move beyond the PC."

The demise of the PC as a major moneymaker has become apparent with the overwhelming adoption of tablets and smartphones, and it looks like AMD sees the writing on the wall. The company currently makes about 80 percent of its revenue from PCs, so a decline in PC sales will surely result in lower revenues for AMD if they don't do something fast.

That something was to hire Charles Matar, formerly of Qualcomm, as the new VP of SoC Development, while Apple's Wayne Meretsky has been tapped to be the VP of software IP development. Matar's background is primarily in low-power and embedded chip design, while Meretsky worked on the processors used for iPhones and iPads. Both men worked for AMD earlier in their careers.

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