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Breakfast Topic: The life of a questgiver

Matthew Rossi

Yes, I think Welcome to the Machine is one of the best quests ever designed. But its take on being a questgiver has me thinking about what life is like for the Klaxxi or Golden Lotus or Shado Pan who stand around all day waiting for a steady stream of adventurers to come take part in their repetitive offerings. Now, it's hard to argue that daily quest design, with its randomized nature, isn't greatly improved in Mists of Pandaria. But you still have to wonder how these poor people (and in some cases, bug people) can possibly endure it. At least they get to talk to each other now.

"Here's your lesser charms" they says as they dispense the spoils of quest completion, trying desperately not to scream at us that we're greedy jackals who will stop coming back as soon as we hit revered. They know it, we know it. Then again, it doesn't stop me from taking my charms and leaving once I hit revered.

Poor lonely Klaxxi. I'm sorry I never visit anymore.

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