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EazyDraw: A hidden OS X gem of an app


We last covered EazyDraw back in 2006. Flash forward to 2013, and the age of Mountain Lion -- and this can-do app is still roaring. Selling for US$140 for a full license from the developer's website or $95 from the Mac App Store, EazyDraw is now shipping in version 5.

In a world where customers complain about $2.99 apps being "overpriced," does this app have a place on your Mac? I'm happy to report that yes, it may indeed.

You can think of EazyDraw as MacDraw on steroids. It offers a wide range of vector drawing tools, it supports layers, offers calibrated colors, supports SVG and PDF and more. For an interface that at first glance appears quite simple, it hides an enormous feature set.

When I sat down to test the app, I kept finding hidden gem after hidden gem. Each tool I needed was there, was easy to use and offered fine detail tweaking. Each inspector appeared in conjunction with the task I was performing and fit the job.

If you're looking for a highly featured drawing app, you should certainly consider EazyDraw. It's perfect for anyone building logos, creating web graphics and designing illustrations for books. In terms of flow charts, I think I'd still give the nod to Omnigraffle, but for any other kind of free-form geometry-based drawing, I feel comfortable recommending EazyDraw.

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