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Voxel.js creates Minecraft-like games in a browser, is open-source


Voxel.js is a new open-source project designed to allow anyone to create 3D games that run directly in a browser. Created by Max Ogden and James Halliday, Voxel.js is based on JavaScript and WebGL, and makes it relatively easy to build Minecraft-like games that play in browsers like Chrome. As VentureBeat notes, Voxel.js could run on just about anything in theory, including PCs and most smartphones. Someone's even working to get it running on Raspberry Pi.

Of course, the best way to explain the possibilities is simply to try it out for yourself. The Voxel.js website has plenty of examples, and even some explanations of how to get started making your own games (assuming you know JavaScript). Again, the project is entirely open-source, so much so that Ogden and Halliday admit "if you find bugs it is because we don't really know what we are doing." Naturally the community is free to fix any such bugs. Speaking of which, the community is already off and running, with the Voxel.js Twitter account frequently posting new creations (like the pictured Voxel Portal gun mock-up).

We highly recommend taking a look. Just be sure you don't have anything important to do first – like working.

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