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Active Storage reportedly closing its doors

Michael Jones

For those who deal with Macs in the enterprise, you may be saddened by the surfacing news that Active Storage is shutting down. Over the last four years, the company has unveiled an array (pardon the pun) of Mac-centric storage solutions, including controllers intended to bridge the gap left by Apple's discontinued Xserve line.

The news comes unexpected to many, with no official word from the company regarding the shut down. If anything, a quick browse of their website shows no indication of any problems -- as recently as two weeks ago, in fact, they announced a new storage platform offering and formed partnerships with a couple of media companies to promote the new brand.

The only hint of confirmation on the shutdown is a forum post from one of the engineers, which indicates that the employees were also taken by surprise, but that many of them have already moved on to other jobs and that details should be made public soon. It's at least some comfort to know that the employees have been able to recover from the blow, but I'm sure many customers will have questions about the future of their products and support contracts as word of the closure gets around.

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