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Audojo is a twin-stick iPad case on Kickstarter

Jordan Mallory

Audojo is the latest hopeful in the burgeoning "aftermarket physical interfaces for touchscreen devices" sector of the gaming world, adding two analog sticks, two triggers and a pair of external speakers to any iPad model 2 or newer. Or at least, it will, provided that its $240,000 Kickstarter goal is reached in time.

Rather than interfacing with the iPad via Bluetooth, Audojo plugs directly into the headphone jack and communicates that way, with a second headphone jack provided on its own backside for private listening. Battery life, when used with headphones, is said to be in the weeks, though it's worth noting that the Audojo does nothing to charge the iPad itself.

Games will need to be made compatible with the Audojo, though integration is "super simple" thanks to the device's foundation in Unity, according to its Kickstarter video. Meanwhile, an Objective C SDK is already available for developers.

If it hits retail, the device is expected to cost around $100, though 200 Kickstarter supporters can receive one by pledging $55. Once those are gone, however, pre-orders can still be placed for $80.

Update: Audojo co-founder Matt Tullis contacted us to clarify that the device is not founded on Unity, but rather that a Unity package is available to ease integration for developers that work in that environment.

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