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Crysis 3 open multiplayer beta uncloaks on Jan. 29


On January 29, Crytek will issue an open invitation to sample the multiplayer side of Crysis 3. This two-week affair will conclude on February 12, giving PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 players a chance to sample two modes and two maps ahead of Crysis 3's February 19 launch.

The game modes in question are Crash Site, a team-based mode where players fight to capture and defend specifically marked location on the map for points, and Hunter, an asymmetrical mode where two cloaked guys with bows stalk and kill visible CELL soldiers – once a CELL soldier is killed, he respawns on the other team as a Hunter.

EA says the beta will be available to all players, though we should note that does not override the need for a Gold subscription on Xbox Live.

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