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Patch 5.2 PTR: New legendary meta gems make their appearance

Matthew Rossi

One of those things that we all get and really don't think much about once we start raiding is the meta gem for our helmet. Ordinarily we just find the one that has the stat we like and forget it, but in patch 5.2 we're going to be presented with a legendary option for the meta gem socket.

The Capacitive, Courageous, Indomitable and Sinister Primal Diamonds are all new meta gems that give various new effects, from Spell Haste from the Sinister to the Capacitance effect from the Capacitive. There's also the Tyrannical Primal Diamond, which is PvP oriented but lacks the interesting proc effects of the other legendary gems. Most current primal meta gems just have standing effects like reducing snare and root duration or increased critical damage, so it's interesting to see these new proc based meta gems.

Since they're legendaries, I expect they come from the continuation of Wrathion's quest in 5.2, and we'll see how they relate to other benefits like the Crown of Heaven.

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