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Pink Droid RAZR M, red Lumia 822 hit Verizon stores in time for Valentine's Day

Zach Honig

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Nothing says "I love you" like a red Lumia 822. Except, perhaps, a pink Droid RAZR M. We may have expected the crimson Nokia handset to make its debut in November, but V-Day seems to be an even more appropriate mark. Beginning tomorrow, you'll be able to pick up a red Nokia Lumia 822 at Verizon retail stores and on the carrier's website -- presumably at the same $50 two-year contract price. Similarly, a pink Motorola Droid RAZR M variant will be available through the same venues on Thursday -- it's currently listed at $100, with an obligatory two-year contract. So, go ahead and cancel those dinner reservations now, and grab your date a smartphone and a 24-month marriage with Verizon, instead.

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