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Apple to add 36 new LTE carriers


According to an announcement made by Apple CEO Tim Cook during yesterday's Q1 2013 earnings call, next week will be an auspicious one for users of iOS devices that support the fast LTE mobile data standard. During the week, 36 wireless carriers worldwide will be added to the 24 already providing LTE support for the iPhone 5, third- and fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini.

Those carriers, according to Cook, are in "countries that were previously not supporting LTE." The rollout will provide LTE service to over 300 million subscribers in Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, several Middle Eastern countries and more.

Up until this time, owners of iOS devices supporting the LTE standard have not been able to take advantage of the fast connection speeds. The news may provide solace to Wall Street analysts, who were concerned that support for iPhone LTE coverage had been slow in coming.

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