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Breakfast Topic: Do you like to play with Kah Kah?


Comic relief -- it's a Blizzard trademark. However, I'm going to stalk over and take a seat on the curmudgeon couch with the irascible Matt "Ol' Grumpy" Rossi. It's not that I'm completely against a silly cultural reference; I just don't care for entire zones and storylines that are one big jape. When WoW deteriorates into campy fanfic à la Uldum or my whole ookin' night turns into one long chain of monkey dookie, I simply lose interest.

Like a flaming ball of Gnomebliteration, a fresh quest mechanic with just the right twist of silliness can provide just the right amount of comic relief when you've been head down, stolidly grinding away at a zone. But that's the issue with this sort of relief: It's a moment. It should offer a breath of fresh air -- not prove to be the only breathable atmosphere. Me, I don't want a whole zone or storyline of nonsense.

Still, the light side of life in Azeroth might tickle your fancy if you play casually or aren't much for sweeping storylines and epic deeds. When all you're after is an evening chillin' with your guildies while your alt ticks through a level or two, a quest line that grooks you till you ook in the dooker could fit the bill. Do you love a good, zany storyline or zone? What campier spots in Mists of Pandaria have managed to hit exactly the right note? What comedic efforts do you feel fall flat?

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