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League of Legends Mac client re-emerges, coming soon


I first got to see League of Legends running on the Mac a few years ago, but a few months after that, the game's Mac client still wasn't available to the public. Riot then confirmed that it was ending work on a client for the popular MOBA title, but it looks like that wasn't completely true. In a forum post, the company has suddenly announced that it's readying a Mac client for an open beta soon, which means that Mac gamers will finally get to play the popular title natively on OS X.

Interested players can download the "Public Beta Environment" client right now from Riot's website, and log in and start playing right away. The Mac changes will reportedly reach the live client "very soon," which in Riot's case usually means a week or two. Of course, nothing is confirmed on this client until we actually see a live announcement (especially considering that we've actually been waiting a few years for Mac support), but it definitely sounds like Riot has finally completed its work and is ready for compatibility to go live.

I'm scheduled to meet with Riot next week (about some unrelated plans for their esports programs), so I'll be sure to chat with the team about just why this Mac client took so long (and why it's finally going live now). But it's good to see that after such a long wait, Riot is finally delivering the Mac accessibility it promised years ago.

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