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Minecraft Creepers (sorta) invade Awesomenauts

Jordan Mallory

Look, Creepers are dangerous enough on their own – people don't need to be going around giving them powered suits of armor like Ronimo Games has done in its latest Awesomenauts update, which is now live on Steam. Well, technically it's not a Creeper, but rather a Creeper skin for existing 'naut Clunk. Still, creepers shouldn't have a role model like this to look up to.

The Creeper Clunk skin can only be acquired by finding someone wearing it in-game and killing them, thus becoming "infected" with it. Since the skin can't be bought or obtained otherwise, we expect that equipping it will be somewhat akin to painting a giant bullseye on your chest. Which is how it should be, honestly, since all Creepers deserve to die.

All Creepers deserve to die.

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