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Patch 5.2 honors El's Anglin', adds sea monster and new battle pets to fishing

Alex Ziebart

Professions are beginning to get some love in recent patch 5.2 PTR builds, and fishing is seeing a whole lot of that love. Most interesting among the new changes is that El of El's Extreme Anglin' has been honored with an in-game NPC who is joining the anglers as of the upcoming patch. El's doppleganger can be found at Sri-La Village in the Jade Forest.

Sri-La Village is also home to another new fishing addition: the Engorged Sea Monster. By fishing in a Large Swarm of Migrated Reef Octopus (what triggers the spawn of this pool, we don't yet know), you might fish up the sea monster and its 39 million health. While currently bugged to do no damage on the PTR, it's unlikely to go live that way, so you probably won't want to try soloing this fellow. The sea monster's loot is not yet implemented.

Fishing has also been given four brand new battle pets: Tiny Blue Carp, Tiny Green Carp, Tiny Red Carp, and Tiny White Carp. Lead Content Design Cory Stockton (also known as Mumper) described where to acquire these fishies on Twitter:
It's currently unknown which 4 of Pandaria's 7 zones will be home to these pets, but we can all be sure that El's devotion to fishing will reveal all well in advance of the patch's release.

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