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Riot Games issues lifetime bans for League of Legends players

Eliot Lefebvre

Riot Games has been trying its hardest to clean up some of the more toxic members of the League of Legends community by handing out year-long suspensions to some of the worst offenders. But sometimes it's not enough to have a time out. Khaled "StunnedandSlayed" Abusagr and Nicolaj "Veigodx" Jensen aren't banned from the game for a year -- they've been banned from the game and all tournaments forever, and any subsequent accounts they create will be immediately banned as well.

Simon "Rayt3ch" Näslund has also had his account banned and is barred from tournament participation for one year, but his future accounts will not be flagged as kill-on-sight. These bannings will force Team Solo Mebdi out of the qualifying rounds for the League of Legends championship, as the loss of the players pushes the team below the minimum necessary number of members. It's an aggressive step toward cleaning up the notoriously vile community, although it remains to be seen what the lasting impact will be from these bannings.

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