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Rubin: Vigil's new IP meant 'even more risk' for potential buyers

Jordan Mallory

Despite many of its major brands and studios being snatched up during this week's auction, several of THQ's intellectual properties remain unclaimed, their respective studios dissolving as a result. Among those unclaimed properties is the Darksiders franchise, which failed to garner any bids during the auction proceedings.

"Having just finished a product, Vigil was farthest from release of their next game," THQ president Jason Rubin told Game Informer. "We were not able to garner any interest from buyers, despite a herculean effort. Additionally, they were working on a new IP, which meant even more risk for a buyer."

Vigil's new IP, codenamed Crawler, was a show-stopper by all internal accounts: "When the teams got together recently to show each other their titles, Crawler dropped the most jaws," Rubin said. "It is a fantastic idea, and truly unique. The fact that nobody bid for the team and title is a travesty. It makes no sense to me."

Darksiders will be sold (along with THQ's other remaining properties) in the coming weeks, though what that process entails remains unknown.

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