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TERA outlines free-to-play restrictions in a new chart

Eliot Lefebvre

By this point, we're all familiar with how transitions happen from subscription games to subscription-optional games. There are usually three tiers of membership; subscribers get the most stuff, and former subscribers get a few extra perks. In TERA's case, however, the restrictions outlined in a handy new chart suggest that it's not just subscribers getting a lot of extra benefit out of the change, as anyone who purchased the game in the past will get hefty rewards.

Founders (that is, players who had purchased a boxed or digital copy of the game) will have access to eight character slots, a special title, and a special mount. Subscribers who had not previously purchased the game will be limited to two slots with more purchasable. Of course, subscribers also get shortened dungeon cooldowns, more auction house listings, and several bonus daily items. Looking to get in on the Founder benefits? You'll have to move quickly; digital sales of the game will be discontinued upon free-to-play launch, and no further boxes will be produced, so you'll want to buy soon to secure your benefits.

[Thanks to Justin for the tip!]

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