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Indie company teamPixel crowdfunds to buy THQ's Homeworld IP


With a separate process slated to happen in the coming weeks that would see THQ's back catalog landing in the hands of bidders, indie studio teamPixel took to Indiegogo to crowdsource the funds to bid on one of the forlorn properties: Homeworld. The team's goal is to bring Homeworld to GoG and Steam, launch a mobile version of the spacefaring RTS called Homeworld Touch and develop Homeworld 3. To be clear, teamPixel already began work on its own space RTS that is inspired by the Homeworld brand, so Homeworld Touch would become an "official version" of sorts, should the company manage to buy the IP.

The studio's lofty aspirations start with a significant crowd-funding goal: teamPixel hopes to raise $50,000 by Thursday, February 7 in order to acquire the property. Former Homeworld developer Relic were purchased by Sega during THQ's auction process. Relic teased the development of Homeworld 3 in November 2008, though nothing came to fruition.

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