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Stiq Figures, January 14 - 20: Poke-non Edition


Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter. Every week, we take a look at, uh, something – meanwhile, the previous week's Japanese hardware sales figures are posted after the jump, and a discussion of said figures takes place in our comments. It may not be conventional, but it's a time-honored Joystiq tradition.

In every traditional Pokemon game, players are forced to make a difficult decision: choosing their first Pokemon of the three available starters. Of course, the game doesn't offer players the opportunity to experience the world of Pokemon without the adorable minions.

What is a Pokemon game without Pokemon? YouTube user AndrewFMs found out in 2008 by hacking through the first generation Game Boy games in order to go without Pokemon. The result is beautifully glitchy.

3DS LL: 51,015 [DOWN] 5,362 (9.51%)
3DS: 30,840 [DOWN] 5,444 (15.00%)
PS3: 19,697 [DOWN] 3,294 (14.33%)
Wii U: 16,654 [DOWN] 4,061 (19.60%)
PSP: 15,343 [DOWN] 1,726 (10.11%)
Vita: 9,036 [DOWN] 2,052 (18.51%)
Wii: 2,199 [UP] 326 (17.41%)
Xbox 360: 706 [DOWN] 215 (23.34%)

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