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View the winds with Windscape for iOS

Mel Martin

At first glance, this might seem like a silly app. However, I have to say Windscape is interesting, entertaining, and educational.

Windscape (US$0.99 app) gives you a graphic representation of global surface wind patterns, which are rendered as moving particles. There are thousands of particles on screen, and they are color-coded by temperature. You can zoom into any area and see details of your local winds. As I moved around the country, I always believed prevailing winds are from the west. I can see now that is not true, and in my home of southern Arizona, I see our winds predominate from the south.

This app is nice to leave running while my iPad is on my desk and watch the realtime changes all over the world.

What's missing? For starters, there is only a bare amount of information about what the app is doing and showing. I'd like a more detailed explanation than the color code for the temperatures. Also, since it is a wind/weather app, how about alerting me to high wind warnings at locations I specify?

The app comes from the developer of Seasonality Go, a very useful weather app for iOS and Seasonality Core for Mac OS X. There were some wind particle displays in these apps, but this is more detailed and a really nice presentation.

Windscape is a universal app and is optimized for the iPhone 5. It requires iOS 6.0. Several languages are supported.

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