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Breakfast Topic: Are you a non-roleplayer on a RP realm (or vice versa)?


I wish I could open this Breakfast Topic by inquiring if you are a non-roleplayer lost in a sea of roleplayers, but I think we can probably all agree that roleplayers do not make up the primary population of any roleplaying realm. The common line of thinking seems to be that you can dodge a certain amount of trolls and jerkfaces among the player population at large by making your home on the more "mature" roleplaying realms. Having ended up with characters on several roleplaying realms, I find this axiom more true than not (although you'll find the inevitable riff-raff on every realm).

As Anne Stickney pointed out in a column examining the plight of roleplayers trying to protect their realms against an invasion of non-roleplayers, "The problem with roleplay realms in World of Warcraft is that roleplay isn't really enforced on these realms. Instead, they are designated as roleplay realms with the intent that those seeking roleplay will have a communal place to get together." She asks players to clarify their approaches by asking themselves the following questions:
  • What do you do if you're a roleplayer and you see someone who obviously isn't into roleplay at all? Do you try to engage them in roleplay? Do you report them? Or do you simply let them be?
  • If you're a non-roleplayer but want the atmosphere of a roleplaying realm, how should you conduct yourself once you're on that realm?
"The best way for players both roleplay and non to get along is to simply treat each other with mutual respect," Anne writes. "Most non-roleplayers aren't out to harm the server or grief roleplayers. Most roleplayers aren't out to get anyone that isn't openly engaging in RP. As long as both sides remain friendly and respectful, they can get along just fine and work to make the server a better place for everyone."

I'd totally agree with that -- but still, I'm curious if you've ever felt out of place on your home realm based on your roleplaying status. If you're a non-roleplayer on an RP realm, have you ever borne the brunt of criticism for contributing to the non-roleplaying population? Do you roleplay regularly on a standard realm, perhaps in a roleplaying guild?

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