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Breaking: Oscar Meyer Weinermobile "Hotdoggers" to get iPhones in June


In perhaps one of the biggest Apple stories of the year, CITEworld is reporting that Oscar Meyer's Weinermobile drivers -- AKA "Hotdoggers" -- will be switching from Android phones to iPhones in June of 2013.

To be frank, most of the article is about how the team of Hotdoggers had a beef (100 percent all beef?) with not being able to access their daily calendars on the road since they were only able to perform that task through secure work laptops. The calendars are critical to the roving weinies, since they need to pitch local media, make travel arrangements and inform contacts of when the giant sausages will be pulling into town.

To ketchup with changes in technology, the Weinermobile teams get to test-drive a new mobile app in May, and the red-hot app goes into full production in June. While the phones are going iOS at the same time, the Hotdoggers are getting the wurst possible news about their forthcoming tablets -- they'll be from Samsung, not Apple. There's no crying over chopped onions, though. They'll need to grill the brats in IT about that oversight ... apparently they didn't feel that iPads cut the mustard. We're sure, however, that the Hotdoggers will relish their new iPhones.

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