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Rdio promises up to six months of free streaming in more countries

Brian Heater

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What's better than free music? Lots of stuff, probably -- but it's still on the top of our list. Rdio is hoping to get you hooked into its vowel-agnostic music streaming ways with the promise of "up to six months of free music" without ads or credit card numbers. The deal adds a number of countries to the list (of which the US is already a member) -- including the UK, Australia, Canada, France and Spain. There are 15 in total (again, already including the US). Germany and Brazil are sadly still excluded from the free music party. While the offering is ad-free, each month does include a limited number of plays (though Rdio's not giving an exact number at the moment), which will count down on your page. More info on the offering can be found after the break.

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Rdio Launches Free Music Streaming in Nearly All Countries Where Rdio is Available

Rdio, (, the streaming music service from the co-creator of Skype, is now offering music lovers up to six months of free music on the Web in nearly all countries where Rdio is available1. New Rdio listeners can sign up and activate free streaming at, with no credit card required, then dive right into Rdio's library of over 18 million songs.

This new offer is specifically designed to appeal to people with ears and hearts. Free streaming is available through the Web or Rdio's desktop apps for Mac and Windows, and allows listeners to:

● Choose from over 18 million songs, without ads
● Listen free on the web for up to six months, depending on how many songs you stream
● See and hear what your favorite artists are listening to
● Discover new music by following friends and tastemakers
● Create, curate, and collaborate on playlists
● Share your life soundtrack in real time on Facebook and Twitter

A meter at the top of user profile pages lets people know how much free music they have remaining each month. It's easy to upgrade any time to one of Rdio's subscription plans for unlimited streams and access to Rdio's acclaimed mobile apps. US plan options include:

● Rdio Web: $4.99 a month. Unlimited Web streaming.
● Rdio Unlimited: $9.99 a month. Unlimited Web and mobile streaming, as well as wireless syncing to listen offline.2

Music fans can sign up for free Rdio streaming right now at

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