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Groove Coaster going to arcades in Japan


Groove Coaster is moving from its extremely portable iOS format to the least portable format possible: a dedicated arcade machine. Taito has revealed plans for an arcade version of Reisuke Ishida's touchscreen music game, for release in Japan only this winter.

Rather than a touchscreen, the arcade game uses a mysterious "BOOSTER" system, seen above. Is it an Etch-a-Sketch type situation? We don't know. We do know that Taito promises a "very different control experience" from both other music games and the existing Groove Coasters.

The cabinet will make its debut at the Japan Amusement Expo on February 15 and 16. If you have an iOS device and haven't tried Groove Coaster, get Groove Coaster Zero for free and check it out. Put your headphones on if you're at work.

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