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Vimeo introduces content ratings for videos, keeps its platform in check


Vimeo's certainly made its presence felt inside multiple media-delivery mezzanines, but the video service isn't forgetting all about the basics: its own platform. As such, Vimeo today announced some more changes to its website, which will see the introduction of a content rating system for published videos. The most recent alterations, as seen in the picture above, add an assessed rating badge to a user's video, making it a requirement to brand any uploads as "All Audiences," "Mature," or "Not Yet Rated." According to Vimeo, these content ratings are "the first step along a path that will make Vimeo more accessible to more audiences," adding that sometimes it's a a good idea to let folks know "if a face is going to explode or if someone is going to take their jean shorts off."

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