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WoW TCG Betrayal of the Guardian exclusive preview: Aegwynn

Anne Stickney

Fans of the WoW TCG already know a little bit about the next set available, but we have an exclusive preview of one of the cards from the new set. Betrayal of the Guardian is the second set in the Timewalkers block, sending players back to the days of the First and Second Wars on Azeroth -- the days of Orc vs. Humans and Tides of Darkness. Of course, you can't really call a set Betrayal of the Guardian without an appearance by the Guardian herself -- Aegwynn, Guardian of Tirisfal.

Aegwynn was appointed Guardian by the Order of Tirisfal in the earlier days of Azeroth's history. She accomplished more than a few astounding feats during her time as Guardian, including the defeat of the Avatar of Sargeras in Northrend. But what she didn't realize was that Sargeras' spirit then leapt to her body, and later, to her unborn son. When Medivh, Aegwynn's heir and the next in line for Guardian, was born, he was born with that piece of Sargeras' spirit slumbering inside of him, waiting for the right opportunity to wake up and take over.

But enough about Aegwynn's history. Let's take a better look at that gorgeous card after the break.

 WoW TCG Betrayal of the Guardian exclusive preview Aegwynn
So who are the Timewalkers in all of this? The Timewalkers are a group of mortals that have picked up where the Bronze Dragonflight left off after Cataclysm. The Aspects used the last of their powers defeating Deathwing, and that left the timeways without any guardians. The Timewalkers are mortals who have stepped up as a new set of guardians to watch over the timeways just as the Bronze Dragonflight did.

This makes this particular block of the TCG a pretty fascinating one even just from a lore perspective -- the idea that mortals are taking over where the Dragonflights can no longer serve is honestly pretty cool. But it's really the opportunity to go back to the days of earlier Warcraft games and do battle with the TCG that makes this block one of the coolest I've seen introduced. The ability to play old heroes long thought forgotten, like General Turalyon, and in places that have had their faces permanently changed, like the capital city of Lordaeron.

And of course, the ability to play with legendary weapons as well. It just wouldn't be a Guardian expansion without Atiesh, after all. For more information on Betrayal of the Guardian, including a look at those tasty loot cards, check out the official page over at Cryptozoic.

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