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ArenaNet details Guild Wars 2's living story

Guild Wars 2's latest content patch, the Flame and Frost prelude, went live this week, bringing with it the beginning of a new "living story." What is living story? ArenaNet narrative designer Angel McCoy is glad you asked, as she's written up a new blog post all about it.

The living story team is responsible for adding new content to the story of Tyria -- new heroes, strange plots, and dramatic changes. The stories the team creates are played out over time in the world, following their narrative paths and slowly but surely changing the world of Tyria. Each bit of living story will only be available for a "Certain period of time," but carries lasting impacts. Players can look to special heralds in cities or a new achievement section for clues on where to head for the most recent bits of living story as they arrive in the game.

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