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Cheap Steam Greenlight games up for grabs in Green Light Bundle


The Green Light Bundle from Stolen Couch Games offers nine indie games attempting to climb the Steam Greenlight charts, giving them some extra exposure and giving you some cheap entertainment, all for $5. Some of the best bundles do more than offer great games at tiny prices: Humble Indie Bundle, for example, has an option to donate to charity when you buy. Now we have another multitasker on our hands.

The nine games in the next Green Light Bundle, launching on February 1, are the following: haunting sim Paranormal, tower-defense game Beware Planet Earth!, tile-dragging puzzler Hairy Tales, casual dungeon crawler Dwarf Quest, spearfishing sim Depth Hunter, 8-bit platformer Potatoman Seeks the Troof, beat-em-up Megabyte Punch, platformer Gear Jack, space strategy game Aeon Command. All of these games, except for Depth Hunter and Beware Planet Earth!, are on Mac as well as PC.

If you buy, don't forget to vote for these games on Steam. It's your civic duty, after all.

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