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Did Google make its latest Android statue out of chrome for a reason?

Sharif Sakr

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When Google staffer Paul Wilcox started throwing pebbles at his girlfriend's office window, he never expected to be confronted by an angry giant Android made out of chrome. But crazy things happen at Mountain View all the time and Wilcox was quick to recover his composure.

"What have you done with my girlfriend?" he cried. And then, "why, of all things, are you made out of chrome?!"

Eventually Wilcox realized it was just a statue, recently put up in the mostly-green robot's honor, and that his girlfriend was safe and well. (Honestly, we just invented the whole girlfriend thing for dramatic effect, and we don't know where she works.) Anyways, the question remains: why this particular metallic finish? Is it to mark the constant updates to the Chrome browser on Android devices? Possibly. Or could it be, as MobileGeeks suggests, some oblique reference to Android apps running in a Chrome browser on some other OS? We don't know, but imagine this: an Android app running in a Chrome browser running as an Android app running in a Chrome browser... Freaky, right?

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