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Indie Royale 'Evolved' bundle offers The Path, Krater and more


Indie Royale has armed a new bundle of five games, headlined by Talawa Games' side-scrolling puzzler, Unmechanical. The "Evolved" bundle, which throws in a few soundtracks and some additional DLC if you pay a few bucks more, also contains The Path, a horror game for PC and Mac inspired by the classic tale Little Red Riding Hood.

Fatshark's Krater, a post-apocalyptic dungeon crawler in which Swedish adventurers scavenge for goods from the lost world, is sandwiched in the middle of this group. You'll also get Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory, a 2D platformer about a sentient sugar cube escaping a cookie-bound fate, OIO, a platform-puzzler starring a wooden boy who must save his kind from a frozen state.

Indie Royale's "Evolved" bundle will be around for the next week and, as of the time of this writing, has already moved 10,000 bundles.

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