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Vudu brings disc-to-digital UltraViolet conversions home to beta users

Ben Drawbaugh

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As promised, Vudu has taken the trip to Wally World out of the process used to watch your discs via UltraViolet streaming apps and sites -- the legit way. Just like the in-store process, DVDs or Blu-rays can be leveraged to buy digital versions of the movie anywhere UltraViolet movies are available. Going from a DVD to an standard definition copy will run you $2, while upgrading to HD is $5 -- Blu-ray to HD is also $2 -- which is the exact same pricing as the in-store offering. Those who want to convert a few titles, and are lucky enough to get invited to the beta, can download the Windows-only application to a computer that has the required optical disc drive. Mac support is promised soon, but with the limited number of Macs with Blu-ray drives, we'd suspect that version will only work with DVDs.

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