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The Queue: Dinosaur train (dinosaur train)

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) enjoys sticking songs in people's heads. You're welcome.

My nephews love dinosaurs. And trains. And this show.

SMDrPepper asked:

No dinos in this question.. What are the odds of a non orc Warchief rising to lead the Horde? There are so far at least two REALLY good candidates with Voljin and Bloodhoof, although Voljin has been near death through most of this expansion. The other races just are either lacking any influence or have just as much blood on their hands as Garosh.

Honestly, two things would have to happen for it to make sense. First, they'd have to pick someone that the orcs trusted -- both Vol'jin and Baine are pretty respected by the rest of the Horde. Second and more importantly, the orcs would have to have some really, really major motivation for not wanting an orc as a leader -- in other words, Garrosh would have to screw up in some sort of monumental fashion. The Kor'kron seem to be perfectly happy with Garrosh's plans at the moment, and we haven't really seen how the rest of the Horde orcs feel about him, but they all appear to be outwardly loyal. And I also think Thrall would have to do a lot of talking to explain why a non-orc would be a really good idea.

BarnabyStGoat asked:

RE: LFR Elder Charms. Does this also work for the sigil of power/wisdom? If I run them after already completing it once is it still possible to receive them? Is an elder charm required? I've seen conflicting information when I've tried to look it up.

Nope -- the Elder Charm will give you a second chance at loot, but not a second chance for Sigils. Sorry!

Jimmy asked:

Q4tQ: How do you feel about MoP? I was thinking today of how I'm not having so much fun as I was before. Is not that I don't enjoy playing WoW, is that everything in MoP takes soooooo long to acomplish. I think that the biggest flaw to Mist is that the time investment, versus the obtain rewards are not appropriate. It takes to much time to accomplish anything and the rewards after reaching the end are not fullfilling for the long investment. I know I'm kind of talking in circles and saying the samething over and over but I just feel that everything in Mist takes to long to be worth doing it now, not to mention that I love alts and and this expansion is totally unfriendly to it.

I love Mists. I think the rewards are perfectly appropriate. I love the fact that there are a billion and one things to do. I don't really know about you, but I'm pretty much of the opinion that if you want the good stuff in life, you have to work to get that good stuff. It's never just handed to you. Think about it -- if everything were easily obtainable, exactly what would we have to do once we'd rushed through obtaining it all? Do you really want another Cataclysm, where the last new content stretched for almost a year before we got anything else to do? I don't.

MelissaBoz asked:

Do you think they are laying off the Thrall heavy story lines to set up his kid (kids?) to be main chars in the story later on? We don't really get a lot of happy endings in Warcraft so the whole lovey dovey happy family life thing while the rest of the world goes nuts seems odd to me, this is really the only reason I can think for it. The whole love story thing seemed out of place.

No, I highly doubt that. Thrall is a shaman of the Earthen Ring. As a shaman, the well-being of the elements is kind of his thing -- and the elements didn't just magically get better once Deathwing died. The earth didn't stitch itself back together. There's still turmoil going on, although it's not really the focus of the story we're being told. If we had more Thrall stories at this precise moment in time, we'd be missing out on Jaina stories, or Lor'themar stories, or Pandaria stories. Blizzard can only tell so many tales at a time, and Thrall's tale reached a point where it could be paused for a bit (with a few minor cameos), and the focus turned to other characters who haven't gotten much development so far. That's all.

sergel92 asked:

Is there any scenario or dungeon out there that you feel like should have been a raid, or vice versa? I always thought Well of Eternity and Halls of Origination in Uldum would have made nice raids. There's a lot of lore and significance in each.

If I remember correctly, the Well of Eternity was originally intended to be a raid. And honestly, I really wish it would have been -- I would have loved to participate in a full-scale raid that highlighted the War of the Ancients. Azshara would have been a ridiculously amazing final boss. It seems silly that a group of five mortal time-traveling people managed to just waltz on in and stomp on the most powerful spellcaster Azeroth has likely ever seen. And yes, I am including Jaina, and Aegwynn, and Medivh in that statement. It was briefly mentioned in the War of the Ancients trilogy that Azshara's powers were second in scale only to Sargeras and his lieutenants. She is not someone you want to mess with, and I don't think she was given proper treatment in the five man, honestly.

iron_bovine asked:

I've been thinking of trying out an RP realm. Looking through the list it looks like Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord have the highest population. Does this equal the most world RP? I'd be playing Alliance if that makes any difference.

From what I've heard and seen while bopping around on different RP servers, Wyrmrest Accord is one of the most plentiful servers for RP. I'd suggest rolling an alt and just strolling around to see how much of it you run into -- if it's not to your liking, try making a low-level alt on another server and see how that one feels.

butts.and.butts asked:

Should realm transfers be a paid feature?

Yes. However, I think maybe it's time Blizzard started looking at offering some sort of discount on moving groups of characters. These days, people have a lot of alts, and transferring them all at the same time can quickly get expensive. It'd be nice if they offered a group discount for moving more than one character at a time. Will they do it? No idea!

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