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XBLM sale: Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Orcs Must Die!, Hybrid, and more


This isn't a fever, people, it's another round of Xbox Live Marketplace sales. The week of February 5 to 11 sees Alan Wake's American Nightmare and Orcs Must Die! go half-price at 600 MSP each, as do Hybrid, Zeno Clash UE, Earthworm Jim HD, and Kinect Central's Mini Ninjas Adventures, all at 400 MSP. Lastly, Hydrophobia goes 67 percent off at 160 MSP.

In the meantime, EA's chunky XBLM sale is ongoing until February 4, featuring the likes of Dragon Age 2 at $9.99, Battlefield 3 Premium at 3200 MSP, SSX at $14.99, PGA Tour 13 at $19.99, and Madden NFL 13 at $39.99. The Street Fighter X Tekken deals also run through to the same date, as do the discounts on Mega Man 9 and 10.

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