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Breakfast Topic: What do you not have time to get into in game?


Uncle -- we give up, Blizzard. There are too many things in this game for a sane player to accomplish on a regular basis! You've driven completionists to utter distraction, forcing us to pick and choose the things we'll list and farm and research and grind. At the same time, because anyone can dabble in any aspect of the game, players have become more accepting of playstyles that differ from their own. While we're all funneled to 90 and its panoply of activities, true, there's no longer "one true endgame" in Azeroth.

All that said, most players come to a point where they are forced to pick and choose what they have time and energy to accomplish in game. For me, progression raiding was the thing that fell off the bottom of the list. My kids are older now, and I'm not trapped by the clock every night for the long windup to bath and bedtime. Azeroth's no longer my nighttime escape hatch, and devoting several nights a week to a set raiding schedule no longer seems as attractive or interesting. That time goes elsewhere now. Today, I rely on the LFR tour bus and membership in more casual raiding guilds to keep me connected to current content and the raiding scene.

What WoW content do you not have time for, whether it's something you've dropped from your playtime or something you never picked up in the first place? Is it something you don't particularly care for -- a certain type of (or even all) dailies, perhaps? Is polishing your PvP play enough to do well at arenas beyond the scope of your available time? What's off your plate for now due to limits on your time and energy?

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