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Guild Wars 2 adjusts dynamic leveling system


ArenaNet's Isaiah Cartwright, lead game designer on Guild Wars 2, has posted a new dev blog to address the recent changes to the game's dynamic leveling system. In the build of the game that went live on January 28th, the team made two major changes to the way dynamic leveling works. First, the devs "changed the formula for how attributes are calculated when the dynamic leveling adjustment system scales [players' levels] down." This is intended to make players' returns to low-level zones "more fun and better balanced." Secondly, the team "changed the formula for how rewards are calculated when scaled down to make it more rewarding for high-level players to visit lower-level areas."

Cartwright claims that the goal of these changes is to "more accurately reflect the attributes [players] should have at that level for a similarly geared character" and adds that even though the changes will increase the difficulty of some lower-level zones, the team wants to ensure that "all areas of Guild Wars 2 [are] exciting and fun for players of any level." And last but certainly not least, Cartwright notes that "in 2013, one of [ArenaNet's] main goals is to add more content to map of all levels, as well as stronger reward structures for playing across all locations in the world."

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