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Team Meat grants Mew-Genics Steam support, details project history


As one of Team Meat's "Caturday" teasers, the team announced Steam support for Mew-Genics. The game was previously announced for iOS.

Team Meat also took a moment to discuss the history of Mew-Genics, noting that the project has been in development for 18 weeks. It started as a Ludum Dare 24 challenge under the "Evolution" theme, though Team Meat went with the "1,000 kittens" joke theme that the community attempted to vote in. After three days of development in Flash, the development duo realized it had a "monster mashup of many different game genres with an underlying theme [it] hadn't seen done in games before" on its hands. Mew-Genics then became the developer's full-time project.

The team also recognizes how obscure the "Caturday" teasers have become, saying it "will only do two more Caturday teasers after this then pull back and focus on getting the game done as well as officially announcing what the game actually is and how it plays."

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