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Around Azeroth: For me? You shouldn't have!


"So, funny story, really," writes submitter Rôdeurdesboi of Blacktooth Grin on The Venture Co (US-H). "Us Grins here were just going to the Sunwell to clear up those demons for the goodness of the world (and the pretty loot) when our mage Renovare realized he still had his Kang's Bindstone on him. So when he gave Kil'jaeden the killing blow, he turned into stone! Now we thought it'd be a lovely gift for Prophet Velen, since, you know, they were close kin and all. But noooooo! He came by and lit the entire freakin' statue on fire! Going all 'Light of the Naaru' here and 'salvation' there. All I really remember is that I'll never buy a gift for him again. Typical Alliance!"

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