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FreedomPop expanding free LTE service to tablets


Forbes is reporting that FreedomPop, the gratis wireless broadband startup, is planning to release a 4G device designed specifically for tablets. The company's "LTE Clip" will attach to an iPad or Android tablet and transform WiFi-only devices into 4G-capable hotspots (so long as you're in an area with Sprint service). Weighing in at 2.5 ounces, the Clip will act as a mobile hotspot, supporting eight connected devices with up to six hours of battery life. Similar to its current model, FreedomPop will reportedly spot up to 500MB of data for free each month, with the ability to raise the cap via a paid add-on package or by using credits earned for inviting friends to join the service. We have yet to receive direct confirmation from the company, but Forbes suggests that we'll see the LTE Clip in the latter half of 2013 -- until then, it may be worth checking out the rest of the FreedomPop lineup.

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