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GameSalad now lets iOS game makers create universal apps

If you're one of the folks who uses GameSalad to create iOS games, there's some potentially very big news you'll want to hear. The folks behind the no-code game-creation solution has released an update that lets you generate universal binaries of your creations, making it possible to release one version of your game that works on both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

The news came via a forum post on GameSalad's site, where the suite's creators called universal binaries "the first official deliverable of many in 2013." They also had some advice for developers on how to handle formatting game visuals to work on multiple devices.

While we're talking about GameSalad, have you made any games with it? If so, drop a link in the comments to share with us and your fellow readers. We'd love to check 'em out!

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