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PocketPharmacist for iOS now lets you refill Walgreen prescriptions

Mel Martin

This is an idea I've thought would be useful for a long time, and now a developer has gone forth and brought it to life. The PocketPharmacist app (US$1.99) has been long appreciated for drug information and drug interaction data, and now has the ability to refill a Walgreens prescription right from the app. Walgreens also has a free app that does this, but without all of the helpful drug information.

"People continue to become increasingly engaged with their mobile devices and use the technology to help make their day-to-day lives easier," said Abhi Dhar, Walgreens e-commerce chief technology officer.

The new medication refill feature enables PocketPharmacist users to refill a Walgreens prescription within seconds. "PocketPharmacist is thrilled to offer iOS users both the convenience and ease of refilling their Walgreens prescriptions," said Michael Guren, founder and CEO of Danike, Inc. "We believe this adds to our goal of helping people better understand and manage their medications."

The app takes no advertising from pharmaceutical companies, so the information is unbiased. The app covers a total of 1530 drug summaries, and all current FDA information. There is also an extensive database on drug interactions. PocketPharmacist is optimized for the iPhone 5 and requires iOS 5 or greater.

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