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CastleStorm makes a run at Xbox Live Arcade, Windows 8 in April


Zen Studios has been working on its tower-defense game CastleStorm for well over a year now. During an appointment with the developer, Joystiq has learned the game is currently set for launch on Xbox Live Arcade and Windows 8 sometime in April.

CastleStorm is essentially a 2D, physics-based destruction game with tower-defense elements tossed in. As the Knights, you defend your castle from waves of attacking Vikings; players can defend with ranged weapons such as ballistas, or choose to put their boots on the ground and get right into the conflict as a hero.

There will also be a host of other modes to play outside of the campaign's 12 different environments, including online multiplayer and co-op, plus a castle editor – you can set up your own look and weapon loadouts for your castle, and test weapons within the editor to see how they'd bring it down.

Zen Studios hasn't announced a price for CastleStorm yet, but with only around a month left until launch, we're sure the developer will lob a price point over toward us soon.

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