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Yes, Tabard storage is still in development


We've definitely touched on the subject of Tabards before. They're like the Tribbles of WoW, overcrowding our bags and multiplying with every expansion like there's no tomorrow. A massive Tabard collection is quite the feat, but let's face it, wouldn't you like to use the thirty-something bag spaces for other items?

We see questions revolving around these little inventory invaders almost every day: Will Blizzard give us some way to store our Tabards?

Well, Ghostcrawler has something to say about it:

Let's be real, some kind of Tabard storage has been in the plan for a while now ... at least two years. Of course, there are a ton of potential solutions to this problem, and none of them should be a rush job -- a Tabard bag? An interface similar to the mount list? Most players would probably prefer a UI solution instead of yet another bag to manage, so let's cross our fingers.

How do you think Blizzard should solve this?

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